It's one thing to sell a TV or recorder....

   - we make sure you can use it .



So why come to SER Beard  ?

Quite simply we are an old fashioned family business with an old fashioned idea of service.

If you purchase a television or recorder from us, we deliver it, install it and spend time with you to make sure you can operate it. We print our own instructions to help you, and will come back and see you, without charging, if you're experiencing any problems.

We will dispose of your old TV/recorder, and the packaging of the new one if required.

If a fault develops at any point in the future, we will collect the product from you and refer it to the service agent, and, in the case of a television or a recorder, loan you another in the mean time.
If you ever have any questions, there is no switchboard or waiting 'on hold,' you can speak to us in person, and if we can't advise you over the phone, one of us will pop in and see you.

This level of service is pretty unique, and with the increasingly technical nature of consumer electronics, more essential.