About us

About us

A brief history


Samuel Edgar Ralph started in business in 1928, after being reprimanded by his previous employers for making radios in his spare time.

He soon had several electricians working for him who carried out the original installation of electricity into many homes in the locality. As technology advanced with valves and then transistors, the retail side of the business expanded.

SER Beard has evolved through changing times from wireless to DAB, gramophone to MP3 and from black and white valve television to High Definition LCD and Plasma.


SER Beard today



Now into the third generation, Sam's son and grandson, John and Ian, carry on the business as electrical retailers.

There have been many developments in the television industry in the last few years. CRT tube TV's are in the past now, replaced with LCD and Plasma, and analogue transmissions have given way to Digital Freeview.

Many people on relay transmitters, even after the switchover, are not receiving a full digital service. There are alternatives such as Freesat and Freesat HD.

All these changes are baffling, however our staff will make sense of it all for you and advise you according to your individual requirements, taking into account where you live, and your specific needs.